Friday, June 17, 2011

An amazing show!

17th June! What a day! We had gone to Ranga shankar to watch the play "Boy with a suitcase" The play began at 7:30pm and ended an hour later. After the play we could stay back and interview the actors.
The story revolved around a boy named Naz who called himself Sindbad the name he often heard from the stories his mother used to often narrate. He had to leave his country since his country was ravaged by a war and soldiers and guns were all over the place. He planned on going to London to stay with his sister. On his journey he met a jovial young girl named Krezia. Together they faced many hardships and difficulties such as soldiers with guns, wolves and fishermen who threw them into the sea. At the end both of them reached London and went their separate ways. The wooden props were abstract and flowed with the play very well. The actors were great and brought out many emotions in an easy to understand manner. Emotions like fear, happiness, anger, slyness, contentment, surprise, love etc.When they were in trouble the emotions enacted by the actors made the audience feel the fire in their souls.
There was a great blend of Indian and German culture in terms of music, costumes etc. During the interview the actors told us that they felt comfortable working with each other. It seems the perfection that the actors have acquired has come through alot of training and practise over the years!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In 10 days Simone, David, Nikolai (our Schnawwl-actors), Andrea (our director) and Robert (our light designer) will get into the airplane and fly to Bangalore. There they will show "Boy with a suitcase" at our partnertheatre Ranga Shankara together with their indian colleagues Pallavi, Shrunga and Konarak. Coordt will also be there but he travels from Taiwan. Everbody is already very happy and excited to go to India again and spend two more weeks in this great country, so different from ours.
The CyberClasses in Bangalore will watch "Boy with a suitcase" in Ranga Shankara, so you all can share your impressions of the play then and discuss what you liked or disliked.
So the indian CyberClasses can also keep their german partners informed about what's going on in Bangalore and the Ranga Shankara.
See you all soon again here on the blog

Friday, May 6, 2011

The actors from Schnawwl.

The actors from Schnawwl are very good.

We think it's very interesting to see Indian and German actors in the same play.

In the play it was very good that we can see a lot of emotions.

The best part of it was the part where the girl gives the boy a slap in the face because I've never experienced this before.

By Jennifer and Sinem

Great show !!

We saw the boy with the suitecase.
It was a very interesting story.
A little bit dramatic and a little bit funny.
The story was about a boy who left his home to live with his sister in London and
want to stay at her apartment.
The journey and the visit were an adventure.
The ending was sad and dramatic.
The music was wonderful orientalic and it fit to the situations.
The Story could be real, if you want to see it you know what we mean!

Sandy and Hazal ! :D